• Over the last few years we have seen a huge amount of growth at Pars Place thanks largely to our volunteers. We can't thank everyone who has volunteered their time, donated money, and help spread the word about Pars Place!


    As a board we have decided that it is time to hire a new full-time Executive Director who will help us in the next phase of our growth - our audacious goal to buy a center that can accommodate more people, more events, and is worthy of our great community! We think the best place to find our Executive Director is to look at the community that supports and loves us. So please take a minute to look at this job posting, and if you, or someone you know is interested in applying, please email us at imagineiacc@gmail.com




    With Regards,


    Your Board


    Dear Friends:

    What an amazing five years they have been! It was five years ago that I joined the board of the Iranian-American Community Center, and during this time we have made substantial progress towards building a bustling and inclusive home for our community in the national capital region.

    I wish to extend my deep gratitude and appreciation to IACC's board and staff, and to our community, whose participation in hundreds of programs over the past few years have made our work worthwhile and rewarding.

    While my tenure on the board is coming to an end, I am pleased to announce that I will continue to serve as a member of IACC's advisory council as I believe in its mission and our ability to reach our common goals.

    Our greatest achievement, however, has been the deep and practical knowledge we have gained about the challenges and rewards of bringing people together on an ongoing basis and offering ongoing cultural and social programs that are fun and enriching.

    One look at the calendar of events on IACC's website shows the breadth and richness of our programs. While our rented community facility in Vienna has been of modest size, it has shown us that there is a solid core of support in our community for this type of work and that we need to aim higher to bring larger numbers of people to our programs.

    This work is especially important since our nation's capital region belongs not just to those of us who call it home but to all Americans. As such, it is crucial for our community in this region to expand and deepen our ties to leading Iranian-Americans in other parts of the country, and to better connect them to our dynamic and highly accomplished community in the Washington, D.C. region.

    Having had the privilege of welcoming hundreds of distinguished community members to IACC's events over the past few years, I know the demand exists for a larger space that can hold more people and inspire community members to bring larger numbers of their family and friends.

    Thus, more than ever before, I see the need for buying or constructing an impressive building that can display our organization's name in bold letters and lights in a high visibility area of Northern Virginia (or perhaps Maryland). Such a community space would provide superior event space which is uplifting to our community members and an opportunity for them to show the richness of Iranian culture and art to their non-Iranian friends, colleagues, and family.

    I look forward to keeping in touch so we can come together and promote the community spirit. We need this more than ever before.

    With gratitude,

    Fred Aryan

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