• Get to know Shirin Daghighian

    The Executive Director of Pars Place.

  • Shirindokht Daghighian, born in Tehran, she was admitted to the National University of Iran, Chemistry program during the late 70’s. Since a young age, along with her scientific education, she also diligently and quite systematically pursued her interest in the field of philosophy. During the late 90’s Shirin Daghighian worked in Tehran, Iran, as the Executive Director/ working editor-in-chief of “Philosophy of Art” (Ziba Shenakht), a quarterly published at the Center for Researches on Art located in Talar Vahdat (Roudaki).


    As a result of her direct involvement in the civil society and citizen empowerment activities, she decided to continue her education and professional training in related fields in the United States of America. In 2003, she obtained her MBA in Non-Profit Management from the American Jewish University and has worked at a number of Non-Profits


    Hiking, biking, and dramatic arts are among her hobbies. She considers her involvement in the field of philosophy as both an intellectual commitment and her hobby. She serves the Editorial Board of the Persian online magazine of philosophy, the Gadfly (Kharmagas) as a volunteer. Some of her publications in the field of Western philosophy can be found in 7 issues of Kharmagas (2013-2017). Her extensive original essays in the field of Persian/Middle Eastern philosophy and mysticism (Ibn Roshd, Ibn Maimon, Molavi and Hallaj) can be found on Zeitoon site (2017).


    She sees her relocation to Virginia and her new blessed job with the IACC as part of her life journey to explore vast horizons while staying dedicated to promoting Persian culture and being part of the IACC’s valuable efforts to empower the American Persian community of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.


    5 Questions


    1. What you will miss most about Los Angeles?

    The list will be long!


    2. What you are excited to visit in Washington DC?

    Simply I love the history of America. To me the historical sites of Washington and Virginia are not mere tourist sites, they are the cradles of liberty, the new world, and democracy. I think we Iranian can learn a lot from the history of America and the advancement of the American civil society.


    3. Favorite khoresht?

    Ghorme Sabzi- an excellent cook as well!


    4. Who do you prefer Andy and Kouros or Googoosh?

    First time I saw Andy in person I told him: "For the last twenty five years I have been in touch with your music almost on a daily basis!" He gave me a warm hug!!!


    5. How may cups of chai do you drink a day?

    Fresh Coffee one or two cups!




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